SunriseSunriseThe Africa Nature Organization (ANO) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation working with grassroots communities, organisations and governments to enhance environment and natural resources management in Africa.

ANO focusses on three broad core themes in conservation, advocacy and sustainable livelihoods.

  1. The conservation activities are related to restoration, rehabilitation and protection,
  2. Advocacy activities include environmental education, organisational development, environmental awareness campaigns and networking,
  3. Sustainable livelihoods mainly focus on nature-based enterprises.

There are cross cutting programmes that include research and innovation, gender and climate change.

The People4Nature Global Initiative was established as a platform of engagement for individuals passionate about nature, its protection and conservation, across communities, organisations, nationalities and continents across the globe. Its initially started in Kenya but its spreading its reach across Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. The platform is used to exchange information, knowledge and experiences. Of late, the platform has been used to mobilise resources to empower individuals and communities undertake conservation and livelihood initiatives in rural, peri-urban and urban areas.

Contact details: –

The Secretariat,

P.O Box 2227-80100, MOMBASA.

Telephone: +254 20 2606100/ +254 717127800/+254780127800

Email: africa@africanature.or.ke

Web: www.africanature.or.ke



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